Boom Festival

Boom Festival

Boom Festival in Portugal

Where: Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
When: 22 July 2021 – 29 July 2021
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It’s unfortunate that one of the biggest psytrance festivals in the world, Boom , was rescheduled due to the coronavirus, but we expect Boom Festival 2021 to be a massive edition!

While we have to wait until July 2021 to attend Boom Festival, it’s considered the holy grail of psychedelic trance parties. It started way back in 1997, and has been a highlight for Portuguese culture ever since.

The main dance floor, called the Dance Temple, supports a crowd of 15 000 people underneath the shading canopy alone. We’re not sure how Boom  2021 might go down with social distancing, but its an experience worth saving up for.


Boom Festival

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